Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You For Coming

A BIG THANK YOU to all who attended our presentation at CPC last night! It was great to reconnect with you and we hope that you walked away with some new insight on life in Costa Rica, the Monteverde Friends School and on making life transitions. There is much more that we could have shared, but the experience of this move is really too big to capture in 90 minutes or through looking at photos.

Some of you inquired about ways to provide support. In future posts, we will provide details. If you have specific thoughts, new ideas or talents that might be of help, please let us know.

We extend an invitation to you to contact us through this blog - you can reply at the bottom of this entry. If you or if you know anyone who might be interested in learning more or participating in anyway, please let us know.

Also, if you know of people that attended and have computer access, you may want to pass along the web addresses.

Below are the web addresses we gave last night including this blog web site.

Schaefer Family Blog –

Monteverde Friends School –

Monteverde 60th Anniversary – Tree Canopy Campaign -

Our Emails:

Each day is a new experience and we all continue learning.
Thank You for your support,
Mike Schaefer
Sally Schaefer

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Vacation Here we Come!

Down the mountain tomorrow, on the plane Thursday, back in Chicago by midnight! No Breadcrumbs will be on hiatus while we visit with family, attend weddings, graduation parties and goodbyes! Trading the rain for the 90 degree weather in Chicago and North Carolina!

Check back with us in late July as we return for our third year here on the green mountain.

Signed: S

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Numbers Game!

A month in the life - letting the numbers tell the story this time!

Easter Eggs - 10 Colored, 10 Found? Pepito's handwoven baskets made great Easter Egg Baskets - beet juice made for great coloring!

Number of People at the Easter Service at Hugh's - 4

Final Posted Time for the Sol y Arena Race: 59:33

18th of 171 'mature' women racers age 44 to 49 - Sol y Arena

Amount Raised during Monteverde 60th Canopy Campaign for Financial Aid: $40,720
(Thank You for your generous donations from all the kids who will benefit)

659 Hours spent in the Trees between April 19 and May 15th

130 Donations toward the Canopy Campaign

Infinite applause at the end of the year assembly yesterday as the slideshow of the campaign was shown.

Thousands of pieces of Sod laid down on the 'new' field at Monteverde Friends School

15 ant bites on Sally's hands after participating in the above activity OUCH!

100 plus hives on Sally's body during her battle with the mango

2 Skype interviews completed for potential work

1 in person interview scheduled

4 eager family members awaiting an aircraft to take them state-side in 7 days

0 school days remaining this year for the boys

3 more days of faculty meetings for Mike :(

3 haircuts in the Schaefer household

1 trim (John, who is oh so patient as he awaits a pony tail)

1 pava for Michael

1 cut and color for Sally (a girl needs to look presentable for the upcoming wedding of Jessica and Nick)

1 Galloper washed and waxed and ready for rainy season!

1 more 10K for Sally this weekend - are you kidding me?

1 nephew graduating from High school tonight - You rock Josh!

1 nephew embarking on a summer internship - You go Zach!

1 family wedding in 2 weeks - YAY Jess and Nick!

2 horses enjoying all the grass they can eat in our pasutre!

1 satisfied parent for successfully completing a Sunday school lesson solo as Elieth had a commitment out of town :)

1 poisonous LORA snake found at school underneath library, finding its final resting spot under the hood of a teacher's car.

1 tarantula crawling up the outside of the boy's bedroom door.

1 competitive bug race

millions of dead bugs found on our kitchen counter daily!

2 exhausted, over 40 parents, awaiting a date with their pillow :)